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Screw with high plasticizing capacity, with a better control of the melting point of the material.


Kruass Maffie Injection Moulding Machine Ring Plunger Set.


Sometimes, in the nitrided barrel only, we can fix a bush in the moving ring area.

Tungsten Carbide Coating

There are several methods used to totally encapsulate a screw with wear and/or corrosion-resistant material

Ballpen Barrel

55 MM Extruder For Ballpen Barrel

Refill extrusion machine

Designed to pull the ball pen Barrel in smooth operation


This is with reference to manufacturing of New Bimetallic Barrel for our Arburg 60T Moulding Machine.
I would like to appreciate you for the work done during the manufacturing of New Bimetallic barrel.
You were able to maintain the accuracy of the barrel as per the drawing provided to you.
Though the barrel is made at your location, it comprises all the requirements as per the standard barrel of the machine.
Although we were planning to use this new barrel for nontransparent components, but after observing the results of the barrel, we decided to try it for transparent components & the results were highly satisfactory.
I would once again appreciate you for the quality of work & service provided by Shree Ganesh Engineering in the ON TIME manufacturing of Bimetallic Barrel.
I convey my best wishes for your future projects.

Thanks & Regards,
Uday Wagh,
Assistant Manager,
Moulding & Press Shop,
Rishabh Instruments Pvt. ltd.