Variable Clearance Barrier Screws

We Elegant Mark are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Variable Clearance Barrier Screws Loacated in Mumbai, India. Variable Clearance barrier screws from Black Clawson are engineered for the low shear processing. It can enable you to cut molding cycles and improve part quality with lower melt temperature, faster screw recovery and improved dispersion of color, additives and fillers.
The Barrier Screw combines the advantages of the mixer with the plastic melting efficiency of the barrier screw design. Its “solids and melt” channels provide the effective melting of all resins, especially the “hard-to-melt” crystalline resins.
The material is then conveyed through the mixer to produce a high quality, isothermal melt. The Barrier may be the answer for processing difficult materials, whether using an injection molding screw or blow molding screw, or extrusion screw.