Extending Life of Plastic Processing Machinery

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About Us

Plastic Molding machinery, Blow Molding Machinery Spare parts, Ball Pen Refill Extrusion Machines 

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company and leading manufacturer of Plastic Molding machinery, Blow Molding machinery Spare parts as Screw Barrel, Nozzle Housing, Ring Plunger, Tie Bar etc. We also manufacture Ball Pen Refill Extrusion Machines with a whole plant.

SHREE GANESH ENGINEERING established in the year 1990 in the heart of metro city Mumbai. To make the mark across the world leaders taken the decision to rename it with the name “ELEGANT MARK ENGINEERING” from Shree Ganesh Engineering. Core object was to reach and recognise across the world.

We also offer services like Flight repairs Full length coatings, New Barrels, Barrel I.D. Increasing, New Screw Design, Spare Parts. We provide our design solution for various sectors. Our design team is highly educated in respective field and always passionate for innovation. We provide offshore consultancy as well full support.

Our Products


Screw with high plasticizing capacity, with a better control of the melting point of the material.


Kruass Maffie Injection Moulding Machine Ring Plunger Set.


Sometimes, in the nitrided barrel only, we can fix a bush in the moving ring area.

Tungsten Carbide Coating

There are several methods used to totally encapsulate a screw with wear and/or corrosion-resistant material.

Ballpen Barrel

55 MM Extruder For Ballpen Barrel

Refill Extrusion Machine

Designed to pull the ball pen Barrel in smooth operation

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