Nitride plasticating Screw Barrels
Extruded Screw Barrels
Nitride plasticating Screw Barrels are manufactured typically from AISI EN 41 B HT or similar steels with elements to enhance nitride depth. The barrel is treated using either a gas-nitride or ion-nitride process. Gas-nitride is the more common method. It is less expensive than the ion process. The typical gas-nitride barrel bore has a shallow case hard depth of about 0.3 – 0.5 mm. Hardness and wear resistance diminishes with depth and wear rate accelerates with operation time. We provide Screw, Barrel from Wear solutions from complex to general purpose applications.

These screw barrel is available in many superior designs and models. With variety of Material grades from Moderate corrosion, abrasion to Sereve corrosion, abrasion.

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